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Wrigley Litter Less Campaign

The Litter Less Campaign educates children and youth around the world on the issue of litter and gives them the opportunity to engage their local communities in awareness-raising activities.

The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of the Mars Wrigley Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education. Since its launch in 2011, the Litter Less Campaign has educated over three million students around the world about the challenges of litter and waste in their communities and empowered them to become leaders driving sustainability and positive behavioural change. 

Main Objectives
  • To reduce the litter and waste footprint of communities through changes in students’ attitude
  • To increase student knowledge and practical skills in preventing and managing litter and waste in the contexts of the global sustainable development agenda (SDGs) 
  • To improve students’ behaviour in preventing and managing litter and waste
  • To promote and improve the schools’ waste management  
  • To create documentation of good practices and disseminate through social media and website
  • To collaborate with other schools nationally or internationally in order to disseminate good examples, encourage to take action and increase the positive impact 
  • To create responsible youth through the Eco-Schools/Clubs programme methodology and educational principles 

How does it work?

In the Litter Less Campaign for the Eco-Schools & Eco-Clubs programmes, participating schools or clubs will implement:
  • the online campaign over 10 days carrying out 7 actions 
  • Submit your 'Action 5 videos' for the litter less competition
  • over the academic year carry out 6 litter picks
  • complete a 2 page final report on your progress. 
  • If you are within the first 30 to submit your results and report you will be eligible for prize money.

10 days - 7 Actions

From the 18th to the 28th of October

The Litter Less campaign  (#litterlesscampaign) is designed as a 10-days campaign in which seven actions promoting sustainable behaviour change of litter and waste need to be completed. The actions are easy to fulfil, short and can be adaptable to any context (e.g. as a lesson in school or activity in a youth group meeting or as a whole school homework). We generally recommend completing one action per day, however, teachers and youth guides can freely adapt the number of actions completed per day to the context they work in.  

In order to take part in the online campaign please click here to download the 7 actions guidance

Register here  to watch the launching webinar on Tuesday 21st September 1pm. The recording will be uploaded shortly if you miss it

For more information or to register, contact eco-schools@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org.