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Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)

Georgina Black   Thu 22 Aug 2019   updated: Mon 02 Sep 2019

Have you ever thought about the journey of plastics from its provenance to the sea when you collect litter along the beach or you find a plastic bag floating beside you while swimming?

One of the biggest issues in Northern Ireland and UK it is the amount of packaging still found on the counter in our supermarkets and shops. If we can tackle plastic at its source, we can contribute to reduce this problem. What can we do? To start:

• REFUSE - look out for products that have no packaging and bring your reusable bag

• REDUCE - buy less

• RECYCLE – learn how much packaging is recyclable and how to dispose of it correctly

We want to hear your thoughts on tackling plastic packaging and therefore we are inviting 25 Post-Primary Schools to express their ideas by taking part in this year Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE), working on video-reportage, photo campaign, or written article about “Packaging and land-originated plastic pollution”.

See last year’s winners of the International YRE Competition in the Photo Category, Max and Josh Kamalarajah, who won for two years in a row.

Taking part in the competition will help you to build new skills, boost your confidence and support you and your school towards your Green Flag Award, while doing something active to protect the environment and to increase awareness about important topics, such as climate breakdown and plastic pollution.

Do not miss the opportunity to make your voice heard and collaborate with other young people abroad by registering with us!

Please get in touch with Francesca to express your interest as soon as possible. Places are limited.

Please choose at least three lesson plans among the ones suggested below, and let us know your choice when you send back your registration form.

Waste Management

Before you begin

15-18 Years – Household Waste Survey


Before you Begin

11-14 Years – Litter…why does it matter?

15-18 Years – Litter Blitz


Before you Begin

11-14 Years – Purpose of Packaging

13-16 Years – Smart Shopping Choices

15-18 Years – Finding Solutions

Sustainable Consumption

Before you begin

15-18 Years – I am a Consumer

Sustainability and Waste

Before you Begin

15-18 Years – Celebrate your local festival in an environmentally friendly way

15-18 Years - Culture Waste

Learning to be an Environmental Journalist

Before you begin

15-18 Years - Writing an Article

15-18 years – International Trade in Waste

15-18 Years – Photographs tell a Story

15-18 Using Video to Communicate