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Wrigley Litter Less – The Return of the Campaign

Georgina Black   Thu 22 Aug 2019   updated: Fri 13 Sep 2019

Year on year we have seen the number of eco-warriors grow thanks to the amazing participation of schools in the internationally renowned, Wrigley Litter Less Campaign. With the support of the Wrigley Foundation, we hope to make this school year the best so far!

The Wrigley Litter Less Campaign (LLC) is entering its 9th year in September 2019 and we would love you to join this global, anti-litter, anti-waste movement.

This is a special year as we join the rest of the world in looking at our relationship with packaging. The emphasis this year is placed on the issue of packaging in Northern Ireland as we try to raise awareness of the plastic pollution our country produces. Therefore, this year’s campaign will have a title: “Packaging and Land-Originated Plastic Pollution”.

Some of the most common household packaging – including crisp bags, pizza boxes and toothpaste tubes – are often not able to be recycled. Packaging is the first thing that consumers see, and it can heavily influence their buying decisions.

Taking part in the campaign will help you to work towards your Green Flag Award, while doing something active to protect the environment. Do not miss the opportunity to register your interest with us, so please get in touch with Francesca to express your interest as soon as possible.

Eco-Schools Wrigley LLC 2019/2020

This year we are looking for 25 primary schools to take part in the Campaign, and asking them to choose one criterion among three possible criteria (weight of litter in the school grounds; weight of paper recycled in the school; weight of dry recyclable material). You will have to run the campaign all year from September until the deadline for your final report on 8th April 2020.

Your first measurement, sent by the end of October 2019, will set your official participation to the international campaign, with the possibility of twinning with any other Eco-School abroad, along with your entitlement to receive funding to support your campaign.

Express your interest in participating by getting in touch with Francesca and you will receive your registration form.

Please choose three lesson plans from the ten ones suggested below to run your campaign on “Packaging and land-originated plastic pollution” and list your preference in the registration form along with the criterion your school will work on during the campaign.

Waste Management

Before you Begin

9-12 Years – Understanding Waste

9-12 years – School Waste Audit


Before you begin

9-12 + 13-16 Years – Litter Pick


Before you Begin

6-8 Years – Understanding Packaging

Marine Waste

Before you Begin

9-12 Years – Marine Pollution