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This year, the EWWR challenges you to get informed and raise awareness on the huge amount of waste that we all unconsciously generate.

We need to make this waste visible in order to make informed decisions when choosing which product to purchase, and take responsibility for our footprint. Producers, consumers, decision-makers, we all can take action to reduce the invisible waste.

Extending the life of products by reuse and repair, buying second-hand, renting and sharing products rather than owning them, obtaining an eco-label and joining producer responsibility’s schemes… The list is long!

Taking part in the EWWR week will count as evidence towards your Green Flag and any data you collect as part of your waste reduction can be logged in your Data Zone.

Find resources, ideas, activities and more on the EWWR website.

Registrations for the EWWR 2020 must be submitted by 13th November. Register your action here.