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The Weatherbies

The Weatherbies:
65 Station Road
Yvonne: 07739875680
The Creator/Author of The Weatherbies is available for school visits and can be contacted at yvonne@theweatherbies.co.uk for bookings.
THE WEATHERBIES INTERACTIVE WEATHER EDUCATION The Weatherbies are a community of loveable weather themed characters including Sammy Sun, Rosie Rainbow, Colin Cloud, Flo Snow, Ronny Rain, Willy Wind and many more! They all love going on adventures in their world of Skytown and enjoy recycling, eating healthily, growing fruit and vegetables, reading books, using solar and wind power, as well as helping, playing and sharing with their friends. These characters help children to make a personal connection to the climate and environment around them. This connection will help them to care more about their impact on the environment. Our mission is to help children develop a fundamental understanding of key topics such as the weather, water cycle, recycling, renewable energy and growing plants. We also encourage healthy social behaviours through our diverse group of Weatherbie friends. School Programmes The Weatherbies offers school visits suitable for all age groups. These school visit packages include: • Visit from the Weatherbies author, Yvonne Fleming, to read her collection of books • A selection of original Weatherbies Songs • Short story/ Q+A about self-publishing and becoming an author for older children (Optional) • 3 The Weatherbies story books and 1 song book for the school • A resource pack including colouring pages and stickers We also offer online resources for use by schools which include: • Fun topics with the weatherbies videos, explaining the Water Cycle, Recycling and Planting and Growing • Online animated book readings with music videos for the Weatherbies books ABOUT YVONNE THE AUTHOR I am a children’s author and have been for 12 years. I have written a collection of stories and songs for children age between two to six years old. The stories are based on a community of adorable, eco-friendly, weather themed characters called “The Weatherbies”. My aim is to entertain, excite and educate the children all at the same time through fun stories and songs. There is so much more to “The Weatherbies” than the lovely characters and pictures that you see in the book. The stories are full of positive messages to help our children through life. Including positivity, recycling, healthy living, strong friendships, teamwork, and energy saving. My little characters love going on adventures around their world of Skytown, working together to solve problems and have fun. Worldwide, the weather is a daily talking point. Children everywhere see, feel, enjoy, and sometimes fear it. “The Weatherbies” personalize the weather, giving children a fun, relevant, immediate, and meaningful connection to their environment and a desire to make things better. On top of being the creator and author of the Weatherbies books, I am a song writer of the Weatherbies songs, and I am the Creative Director for the Weatherbies projects. This means I am heavily involved in the creation and development of new projects and content. Through my role I have been able to manage and direct creatives to achieve my goals in creating multiple books and songs, animated content for online platforms such as Youtube, an animated pilot for TV and scripts for a proposed animated series. All COVID, Health and Safety documentation including child safeguarding are available and we are covered by a full risk assessment and comprehensive public liability insurance.
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