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Green Flag Award

Criteria for the Green Flag Award

For a complete list of the Green Flag criteria, please see the Award Criteria.

Green Flag Applications and Renewals

Please try out the new online application in the School Zone.

Whether you are applying for a Green Flag for the first time or renewing your Green Flag status, the application process is the same (with the exception of an additional section for reapplications).

With the programme growing every year we are making a few changes to the application process to ensure that everyone who applies by the given deadlines are assessed on time. There are two suggested deadlines this year – one for renewals and one for new Green Flags. As always you can submit your Green Flag application at any time of the year but these are the deadlines for a guaranteed assessment in the 2020/21 school year, schools applying after these dates might not be assessed by the end of June.

  • If you wish for guaranteed assessment in the 2020/21 academic year, please have your application submitted before the end of May 2021.

Your application will be acknowledged and processed by the Eco-Schools office. Your school will be contacted so that a suitable date for an assessment visit can be arranged. During this visit the assessor may ask to see some or all of the evidence referred to in your application form, and will wish to talk with both children and staff about their level of involvement in the scheme.

Following a successful visit, you will receive a confirmation letter, certificate and Green Flag.

If your application is unsuccessful, the form will be returned to you with an explanation, and some guidance as to how a resubmission may succeed; requirements for progress will be provided.