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What are the benefits?

Eco-Schools is a democratic and participatory programme that provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to experience active citizenship in school. It brings many benefits both to schools and the wider community.

It makes a difference

The programme can impact not only the environmental health of a school but also create financial savings.

Actions taken can lead to financial savings in school's energy bills, water consumption, waste collection etc. Reducing waste and collecting materials for recycling can also help raise money for the school.

We have gathered some facts and figures about the impressive savings schools can make through their Eco-Schools actions. This infographic shows how much money could be saved by schools if they all reduced their energy consumption and diverted rubbish from landfill by recycling more, how many car journeys could be removed from our roads by increasing the number of sustainable travel journeys and just how many people are involved. It all adds up!

Eco-Schools Green Flag

This is an opportunity for your school to work towards the prestigious and internationally recognised Green Flag award. Pupils love to receive the flag – it's a tangible way to show your pupils how well they have done!

Increased Environmental Awareness

Students (as well as teachers and other school staff!) are encouraged to use their new environmental knowledge in the everyday life of the school. This helps pupils to see the relevance of what they learn in the classroom.

An Improved School Environment

Students and staff can work together on such issues as reducing litter and waste and run the school in an environmentally conscious way.

Involvement of the Local Community

Local businesses have expertise in many areas of environmental management and may be willing to cooperate in the Eco-Schools initiative. The result is a more integrated community.

Access to a network of support agencies

Eco-Schools Delivery Partner Organisations offer support to registered Eco-Schools, delivering on each of the Eleven Topics of the programme.

Curriculum Links

Teaching resources, curriculum materials and ideas for projects, activities and events are available for all registered Eco-Schools. For further information view the information how Eco-Schools links with the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum.

Pupil Empowerment

Through the democratic process involved in Eco-Schools, pupils can take control of their own environment, learning and taking decisions about how to improve both their home and school environments.

International Contacts

For further information on the International Eco-Schools Website.

For information on creating links with other Eco-Schools in Northern Ireland or in any other participating country, please contact us for help and assistance.

These links not only give a chance to share environmental information between schools but can also be used as a means for cultural exchange and improving language skills.

Benefits of Eco-Schools to councils

  • A ready-made scheme to assist the council to deliver their educational programme in schools;
  • A reduction in the amount of litter on the streets surrounding the schools and in the district;
  • Reduced traffic congestion and increased safety surrounding the schools;
  • Increased awareness and use of council recycling facilities to improve district recycling rate;
  • Increased use of council leisure facilities via the healthy living aspect of eco-schools; and
  • A reduction in energy consumption within and the schools and pupils' homes therefore causing a reduction in pollution levels throughout the district.